We found Slim on the mean streets of south LA in a deplorable condition. She was emaciated, had rotten teeth and was barely surviving. She was so weak, she didn’t even struggle when we came to get her. It’s like she knew it was her time to get help. It was immediately very clear that she’s super friendly and must have been abandoned by her previous owners. After intensive vet care, including a much needed dental, and lots of TLC, Slim was starting to feel better. She was finally enjoying the comforts of a home, comfy bed, lots of toys and unlimited kitty buffet. And she didn’t spare on the love she gave back. She was so appreciative of being rescued, she made sure to constantly show us her immense love and appreciation. Slim was lucky once again, she found the perfect furrrrever home. Her meowmy absolutely adores her, spoils her rotten and caters to all her needs.

Big shoutout to @catconnectionla for helping us get Slim to see their vet immediately upon rescue. It truly takes a village.