Toshi was rescued when she was about 4-5 mo old, which is an age at which kitties are considered beyond socializable. And indeed, this nugget was super fiesty, swatting and hissing every chance she got. Her feeder agreed to foster her and begin the socialization process. He did extremely well, but unfortunately didn’t have sufficient time to work with her. Toshi got lucky, we found her a super patient foster who worked tirelessly with her. Helen is an angel with endless patience and she truly gave this little girl a chance to come out of her shell and learn to trust. There were rough times in the process with Toshi being extra spicy, and it taking a toll on Helen. But, she didn’t give up and persevered. Today, Toshi is an absolute delight, she’s no longer the frightened, feral girl she used to be. She’s come so far, thanks to Helen, and is now an adorable house Panther.

Lucky for Toshi, she ended up a foster fail and is now living her happy tail ending with her favorite meowmy, her true rescuer, Helen.