Adorable Yoshi is one of our biggest success stories. He was adopted by the amazing @lesliec_243 who fell in love with him at first sight and wasn’t thrown off by his shyness. She gave him his time to settle in and adapt and they’re now inseparable. We couldn’t be happier for this ex-feral rascal.

Yoshi was rescued back in the very cold winter of 2016 from a cat colony we were working on TNR’ing in an industrial area of Guelph, ON. 🇨🇦 He took to the indoors almost immediately, and although he was very shy, he definitely liked the indoors over the outdoors. So we decided to give him a chance and it was the best decision ever! Yoshi went through socialization and finally was adopted into his amazing furrrrever home. Despite being over the age of 12 weeks at the time of rescue (he was ~9mos, which most think is too old to socialize but we’ve seen it work time and time again 💪🏼), Yoshi did very well falling in love with hoomans and handing in his feral card. We lurrrve you Yoshki and @lesliec_243 😻❤️