Alex is a sweet ~1yr old girl who was recently rescued and is now enjoying the indoor life. Alex enjoys a good snack and perching on the window sill observing the birds and squirrels. She enjoys the company of other kitties and would fit in well in a home with other friendly, non aggressive cats. As she was recently rescued, she’s still shy and will need a patient home where she’ll be allowed the time to settle in, adapt and learn to trust her new fam.


Jasper is a beautiful, fluffy ~6-8mo old girl. She enjoys affection, petting, and yummy snacks. Her foster mom describes her as an absolute delight. Jasper was recently rescued and is still somewhat shy and is looking for a patient forever home that will allow her the time to settle in and adapt. This little girl is an avid lover of toys and playing, as any kitten her age should. Please consider opening your heart and home to this beautiful little creature.


My name is Juno and I’m a wise older lady (~10yrs old). I’ve been through a lot, starting with my family abandoning me at a high kill shelter. I then ended up in a home with 3 loud dogs and humans who didn’t care for me. I was so scared, I ran for my life and took up refuge in a shed full of garbage and mess. I just spent my days in the shed, I didn’t move much and was dreaming and hoping I’ll get a comfy spot to lay on one day. I was so badly neglected, and when I was finally rescued I couldn’t believe it, and just to be safe, hid under the bed for some time. But once I realized I’m safe, I started coming out and basking in the love my foster family was giving me. I started flourishing and finally enjoying life, toys, food, and giving and receiving affection. Please consider giving me a home and I will love you back endlessly. I would do best in a quiet home with no other pets and no children.


Lizzie is a beautiful girl who loves to relax and observe her hoomans, as well as hangout on the window sill watching the birds and squirrels. At the time of rescue, it turned out that Lizzie had little kittens she was still nursing. She was rescued with her kittens and the little family was settled into a loving foster home. The kittens have weaned since and been adopted into forever homes. Lizzie is also ready to find her loving, patient forever home. Lizzie has come out of her shell since being rescued but is still a bit shy with new people and is looking for a patient forever home where she’ll be given the time to settle in and adapt to the new environment. She enjoys the company of other kitties and would fit in well in a home with other friendly, non- aggressive cats.