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kitty in need? THE TIME TO ACT IS MEOW!

PawsLuv is a small (but mighty) cat rescue focused on rescuing cats and kittens and engaging in neighborhood TNR (trap-neuter-return) in the city of Los Angeles. We believe that every life has value and as part of our efforts we take on tough cases that wouldn’t be given a chance anywhere else. We are part of the movement aimed at changing the global perceptions about feral cats. 

meow about us


PawsLuv Co is a registered California Not For Profit. Our roots began with rescuing, TNR’ing, and fostering kitties back in Canada about 8 years ago. Since then we have moved to the City of Los Angeles and continue our efforts locally. We volunteer our time to get out there and help the helpless. Through our work we raise awareness about cat overpopulation and help educate others about the importance of TNR (trap-neuter-return) for cat population management. We work and collaborate with a variety of independent and organized rescuers and veterinary organizations to amplify efforts and help as many cats as possible. Our vision is to one day establish a network of kitty cafes where rescued kitties can meet their purrrfect furrrever hoomans. (=^ェ^=)


local Word of Mouth, social media & direct Contact


In a city as large as Los Angeles, there is an abundance of need for animal shelter and rescue. Many domestic kitties are abandoned and not spayed or neutered by their owners. These kitties end up living on the streets and producing endless litters. It’s a harsh life for them trying to survive on the streets, constantly being subjected to danger, disease, starvation, cars, coyotes, to name a few.  We do our best to help cats/cat colonies throughout the city whether it’s through our own efforts or through collaboration with other rescuers. We lend trapping equipment, educate on the process of trapping and share TNR’ing tricks. Time permitting, we respond to calls for help with TNR. 


The trick is patience and tuna


Once a kitty or colony has been identified, we set out to trap the kitties. We have both traditional self-activating, as well as drop traps. The kitties are then lured in by the smell of tuna and allure of an easy meal. It is always important to ask for permission, if trapping on a private property. Safety is also a concern in certain areas. We use a buddy system to ensure safe and effective trapping. Volunteers are always needed. Fill out our contact form, if you’d like to volunteer with us and help save lives.



NEUTER, Return, or Acclimate

The first order of business is getting the kitties to a vet. There are typically special appointments for TNR. Vetting includes a basic physical checkup, spay/neuter and flea and deworming treatments. At TNR appointments, the kitties to be returned are also ear-tipped for easy identification of an already spayed/neutered cat. After spay/neuter, each kitty is kept for a recovery period to ensure they don’t suffer any post-operative complications. Those that show a potential to acclimating to indoor life are put into a foster home for socialization and later adopted into loving forever homes. At times, we encounter injured/sick kitties who require more in-depth vetting. We do our best to provide the best vetting possible and give every kitty a fighting chance, but being a small rescue means funding is tight and we rely on donations and help from the community. In instances where we can’t bear the financial burden, we network the case and get help from bigger rescues. Please consider a donation or volunteering with us to keep our rescue efforts going and to help us expand and help more cats.  


Find the one for you

FOSTER & forever HOME

After their spay/neuter, the kitties are kept for recovery. Since many are abandoned domestic cats, or have familiarity with humans, we put them into foster homes for acclimation and then adopt out into carefully screened forever homes. We also evaluate the feral cats we rescue and assess whether they can acclimate to indoor living. We believe that every life has value, and we work with feral cats to socialize and give them a chance to acclimate to cushy indoor life. We’ve had much success with this process and high rate of “ferals” giving in their feral card. We are always seeking foster homes. Consider volunteering with us. Feel free to send us an email or fill out the ‘contact us’ form below.

Check out our kitties available for adoption below! Please email us at [email protected] if you’re interested in adopting.

our kitties for adoption


Explore our list of kitties that are currently awaiting their purrrfect hooman. All kitties are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Please note that all kitties are indoor only and we require a home check before adopting out. The adoption process involves filling out an application, an adoption fee, and an adoption contract. For more details, please email us at [email protected]

Happy Tail Endings

Some of our success stories. Kitties that have found their perfect human pairing.