One of our most loved rescues to date. Leo was found malnourished and without meaningful shelter at a construction site during the middle of an icy winter. Despite his best efforts he lost his feral card at record pace. As it turns out Leo was actually a dog trapped in a kitty body. He loved attention, playing fetch and nonstop cuddling. He found a forever home with a loving family where he became a brother to another kitty and dog.

Lizzie’s Babies

Lizzie and her babies were rescued from a rough part of LA during an extensive mission which included run-ins with gang members, police and a whole lot of spiders. Her babies have since been adopted out after a brief Hollywood career with a fellow kitty vlogger. Lizzie is presently looking for a forever home. You can check out her listing here.


Peach was the only survivor of her litter that was found underneath a porch right at the start of a harsh Canadian Winter, She was nursed by hand for several days despite being a ferocious fighter. She has found a home with a loving and patient family member since several years ago. Quite humorously her name is not very fitting of her character which remains feral to strangers to this day.


We found Slim on the mean streets of south LA in a deplorable condition. She was emaciated, had rotten teeth and was barely surviving. She was so weak, she didn’t even struggle when we came to get her. It’s like she knew it was her time to get help. It was immediately very clear that she’s super friendly and must have been abandoned by her previous owners. After intensive vet care, including a much needed dental, and lots of TLC, Slim was starting to feel better. She was finally enjoying the comforts of a home, comfy bed, lots of toys and unlimited kitty buffet. And she didn’t spare on the love she gave back. She was so appreciative of being rescued, she made sure to constantly show us her immense love and appreciation. Slim was lucky once again, she found the perfect furrrrever home. Her meowmy absolutely adores her, spoils her rotten and caters to all her needs.

Big shoutout to @catconnectionla for helping us get Slim to see their vet immediately upon rescue. It truly takes a village.


Toshi was rescued when she was about 4-5 mo old, which is an age at which kitties are considered beyond socializable. And indeed, this nugget was super fiesty, swatting and hissing every chance she got. Her feeder agreed to foster her and begin the socialization process. He did extremely well, but unfortunately didn’t have sufficient time to work with her. Toshi got lucky, we found her a super patient foster who worked tirelessly with her. Helen is an angel with endless patience and she truly gave this little girl a chance to come out of her shell and learn to trust. There were rough times in the process with Toshi being extra spicy, and it taking a toll on Helen. But, she didn’t give up and persevered. Today, Toshi is an absolute delight, she’s no longer the frightened, feral girl she used to be. She’s come so far, thanks to Helen, and is now an adorable house Panther.

Lucky for Toshi, she ended up a foster fail and is now living her happy tail ending with her favorite meowmy, her true rescuer, Helen.


Adorable Yoshi is one of our biggest success stories. He was adopted by the amazing @lesliec_243 who fell in love with him at first sight and wasn’t thrown off by his shyness. She gave him his time to settle in and adapt and they’re now inseparable. We couldn’t be happier for this ex-feral rascal.

Yoshi was rescued back in the very cold winter of 2016 from a cat colony we were working on TNR’ing in an industrial area of Guelph, ON. 🇨🇦 He took to the indoors almost immediately, and although he was very shy, he definitely liked the indoors over the outdoors. So we decided to give him a chance and it was the best decision ever! Yoshi went through socialization and finally was adopted into his amazing furrrrever home. Despite being over the age of 12 weeks at the time of rescue (he was ~9mos, which most think is too old to socialize but we’ve seen it work time and time again 💪🏼), Yoshi did very well falling in love with hoomans and handing in his feral card. We lurrrve you Yoshki and @lesliec_243 😻❤️